Monday, 12 June 2017

The Business of Landscaping in a Drought Video

Now Playing: Investigations underway after house explosions in 2 cities

Now Playing: Pretrial hearing for Penn State frat brothers charged with involuntary manslaughter and assault

Now Playing: What parents need to know about summertime hidden dangers

Now Playing: A teenager moves to the beat after lifesaving heart surgery

Now Playing: Jimmy C arter shakes hands with every passenger on his flight

Now Playing: Judge denies motion to dismiss case in the suicide-texting trial

Now Playing: Hearing set in Penn State fraternity-hazing death

Now Playing: More than 20 rallies nationwide over 'atrocities' of Sharia law

Now Playing: New stunning images of the rescue of a woman held hostage in a storage container

Now Playing: American soldiers come under attack by an Afghan soldier

Now Playing: An important nationwide recall for spaghetti and meatballs

Now Playing: One man takes to the skies for a tense and scary marriage proposal

Now Playing: Video shows rescue of kidnap victim Kala Brown

Now Playing: Soccer girl's teammates cut their hair in solidarity

Now Playing: Highway chase in Texas ends in fiery crash

Now Playing: Father's Day gift ideas

Now Playing: Hot-air balloon in Illinois blown off course, collides with 2 other balloons

Now Playing: When stars need a piano tuner, they call this man

Now Playing: Woman falls through cellar door while texting

Now Playing: Chelsea Manning explains why she leaked secret military documents

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